The International Food Policy Research Institute researcher tells us about why gender equality matters for food security, the need for collecting the “right data,” and her COP28 expectations.

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The Gender Lens In Action

Depressive and anxiety disorders are about 50% more common among women than men throughout the life-course.

Women’s Health in Numbers: It Isn’t Just About Reproduction

Data & Studies

Finding data reflecting women’s and girls’ reality is tricky, especially when it’s about a field that has a long history of considering men’s and boys’ experiences as the default human experience. Still, we tried.

Monica Ballesteros

Why Universal Childcare Makes “Economic Sense”

Untold stories

A study by Economist Impact has found investing in childcare is not only urgent for the people involved, but also “fiscally responsible.” It could lead to GDP growth between 0.2 to 1.09% per year.

Hot Off the Press: Women & Economic News

In the Newsroom

Here’s a selection of pieces that caught our attention in relation to “women and economic news,” our focus theme in January 2023.

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Lisa Falco

Lisa Falco on the Gender Data Gap, Health, and AI Bias

Untold stories

The Swiss data scientist has been working on healthcare technology for a decade and a half. In this discussion with her, we covered the basics — from what data actually is to why it’s so important — before getting into the specifics of the gender data gap in medicine and in tech.

of economic news stories across 116 countries had women as a central focus in 2020.

Business and Finance are the Least Inclusive Sections in the News

Data & Studies

Women are underrepresented in the news, especially in economy-related stories. Here are the big picture numbers you need.

From left to right, top to bottom: Francesca Donner, Mariya Shahsawar, Pamela Morinière and Haanya Malik

2022: A Turning Point for Women in the News?

In the Newsroom

Afghan reporters Mariya Shahsawar and Haanya Malik, US-based editor Francesca Donner, and French gender expert on media and head of Communications at the International Federation of Journalists Pamela Morinière reflect on the past year and what it means for the future of journalism.

Life hacks for the busy journos

Ed Yong

Ed Yong on Fixing the Gender Imbalance in News Stories... and Journalism

In the Newsroom

The award-winning science journalist and author tells about the steps he’s taken to make his stories more inclusive, and how that fundamentally changed his reporting over the past eight years. He also shares some of what he has learned telling the stories of women amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data on Women Is Missing... Here’s Some Data About It

Data & Studies

There are many gender gaps in the world we live in, and one of them has to do with data. The gender data gap not only exists, but it also feeds and deepens other gaps. Here are some initiatives trying to track it where it happens and hopefully minimize it.

Pamela Morinière

Pamela Morinière on the IFJ’s Response to Sexism in Political News

In the Newsroom

The International Federation of Journalists’ gender expert tells us about the specifics of their new project “Rewriting the story: Gender, media and politics,” what sexist question a famous German politician was asked that shocked her the most, and how she sees the future of gender equality in the news.

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