Women & Peace : Four Reports for Inspiration

16/12/2022     2 min read     By Ahlem Khattab

Want to dig deeper for good data and stories? Here’s a selection of three general reports that will get you started, as well as one exploring how gender and peace also intersect with the climate crisis.

In December, we are putting the focus on peace (and security). We have for you some data around women’s representation in international peace talks, but also an interview to better understand the underrated role they play in peacebuilding. To help you go even further in your search for relevant and new angles, here are four reports that are rich in data and case studies, including one on how gender and peace also intersect with the climate crisis.

The SHEcurity Index

In 2000, the UN’s Security Council adopted a landmark resolution on women, peace and security: resolution 1325, also known as UNSCR 1325. How far did women’s representation in the security and foreign policy field advance since then? In its third edition, the SHEcurity Index tracks the developments, progress and sometimes lack thereof, with data from 105 countries (including EU member states and the G20) that have adopted a 1325 national action plan. It takes a look at six areas: “Politics”, “Diplomacy”, “Military”, “Police”, “International Missions”, and “Arms Manufacturers”.

Women and Peace and Security, Report of the Secretary-General

Created as an annual check-up on the implementation of the UN’s resolution 1325, this report gives an overview of the progress and setbacks on women, peace and security. This year, it focuses on how misogyny and authoritarianism combined lead to an increase in gender-based violence and discrimination. It provides observations, figures and specific and recent examples from different parts of the world.

Women, Peace, and Security Index 2021/22

For the past three years, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security has been publishing yearly snapshots of where we’re at globally when it comes to women’s status and empowerment. In its latest Women, Peace and Security Index report, the institute notes that the COVID pandemic has clearly exacerbated existing inequalities and threats to safety. More than just a ranking of countries, the publication breaks it all down, giving detailed insights, which makes this study a gold mine for any journalist in search of relevant story ideas.

The Climate-Gender-Conflict Nexus

A not-so-common angle in the news is one at the intersection between climate, gender and conflict. Also a Georgetown Institute work, this report connects the dots, providing background information and examples from the ground. It also includes case studies of how women “are actively addressing highly localized climate-conflict risks and natural resource-related conflicts in their daily lives and communities” in Columbia, Sudan and Nepal.

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