Business and Finance are the Least Inclusive Sections in the News

09/01/2023     40 sec read     By Ahlem Khattab

(Source: The Global Media Monitoring Project)

Measuring women’s representation in the news is no easy task, let alone in business news. Some media outlets have developed internal tools to monitor their own reporting, and researchers have taken it upon themselves to study publications by specific time periods, news cycles or sections.

The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) is one of the main research projects on gender in journalism. Since 1995, it  has been keeping track of how women are represented in the news, and shares its findings every five years. Here’s some of the most recent data it published.

When it comes to stories focusing on women’s perspectives, the numbers sink even deeper. Especially in economic news.

“Severe under-representation of women is a structural feature of business and economic journalism worldwide,” writes GMMP coordinator and economist Sarah Macharia in a 2020 insightful analysis.

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