What is the gender lens?

Just like a lens can help the eye see better, a “gender lens” allows us to consider the powers at play that have to do with gender in any given situation.

What does it have to do with journalism?

Including the gender lens in one’s reporting means taking into account how gender affects people and events at all stages of producing a story, to ensure a more accurate representation of the world we live in. This also leads to richer, more informative news where the audience feels included.

Who else is doing it?

Many journalists have been doing this work for years, and since gender-sensitive journalism remains under-researched, it’s hard to make sense of its exact history.

Since its launch, our website has featured different media professionals and news outlets who have been applying the gender lens in their work. To this date, we do not have a directory listing them all, but you can browse our In the Newsroom to find some of them.

You can also check out our podcast Peer-to-Peer for behind-the-scenes conversations with journalists on gender and journalism.

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