The International Food Policy Research Institute researcher tells us about why gender equality matters for food security, the need for collecting the “right data,” and her COP28 expectations.

24/11/2023     11 min read

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Women & Climate: Six Hard-Hitting Figures

08/11/2022     30 sec read

Climate change exacerbates existing inequalities. Here are some key numbers that show some of the ways it affects women. For contrast, we also take a look at a couple of figures of how (under-)represented women are at leadership roles.

Data & Studies

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Osprey Orielle Lake: “There Is a Real Lack in Gender Reporting on the Climate Crisis”

04/11/2022     4 min read

The founder of Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network International shares her COP27 expectations and hopes, and a few resources to better tackle the gender angle when covering climate stories.

Untold stories

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Hot Off the Press: Women & Climate Edition

04/11/2022     2 min read

Here’s a selection of pieces that caught our attention in relation to “women and climate,” our focus theme in November 2022.

In the Newsroom

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